Friday, October 2

Halloween Season of Witches - The Heretic's Daughter Reviewed With Easy Witch Hat Decoration To Make

This book is not a YA genre but it is about girls who were considered adults in their communities though they were still quite young and how much of an impact these girls had - even across the centuries - as this book is about the witch hunts of Salem, Massachusetts.  Martha Carrier is the main character and this is not an ordinary historical recount of the Salem Witch Trials.  Instead, it is a more personal novel about Martha, her life, her family, and her feelings.  It unfolds itself to become recognizable as a piece of the history we have studied, but it is not until after being drawn into the world of the Carriers and the characters toward the center of the novel that it becomes about Salem witches and their history.

Its a 4 and a half star book, in my opinon, and I also like The Wolves of Andover by this author, Kathleen Kent.

Make a Witch's Hat - Easy and Fun

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