Monday, August 17

Doll Bones Proves Dolls Really Can Be Scary

Anyone whose owned a doll realizes - at least once and usually when home alone - its potential to be scary - even horror film sort of scary.  Holly Black, one of my favorite authors about faeries took on the rumors about dolls and created a ghost story-ish plot that puts readers on the trail to solving a mystery about (wait for it) Doll Bones.  This doll is rumored to have the ashes of a little girl stuffed inside the body - and maybe even her bones.  The mystery is solved by kids, but there isn't that Scooby Doo, old man down by the swamp feeling that so many mysteries wind up sounding like near the end.

It is definitely not my favorite book by Holly Black, but its a ghost story with more than a little of her magic realm charm - and gumption - woven throughout the plot.  I give this book a 4 stars and might be crafting a set of doll bones - but not out of little girls' ashes - in October when ghost stories are always a good choice to talk and craft about.

Doll Bones - in audio book, ebook, and paperback. 

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