Monday, November 16

Books As Gifts For The Holidays!

Books aren't as fun to open as new video players, iphones, and action figure toys, but don't leave the off the list.  Kids will turn to the book, eventually, maybe months after Christmas.  I have had many pitfalls as a parent, but not the reading list.  A gift card for books is best for kids who read way past their age group, not just past their bedtime, although you run the risk of that card being used for video games and music, instead.  Middle grade readers benefit from both a card to choose their own and a few books that will get read, eventually.  Just my suggestion, as a parent with great readers influencing the kids, but a music and computer/video game preference for the use of the book store's gift card.

December 5th to 9th 

- Don't forget to download the free children's literature ebook - The Faerie Ring Dance, by Kara Skye Smith for kids younger than middle grade or the entire family.  A fun read-aloud book about the magic and merriment inside the faeries' rings.  

Download Here!

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