Friday, August 7

Seraphina by Rachel Hartman

Seraphina, by Rachel Hart, Audio book narrated by Mandy Williams

I have read the book, and this time listened to the audio book while painting.  It is also considered YA, but this book could easily be read by kids younger than 12.  The plot is imaginative and draconic: dragons entering society in their human forms.  The author writes the book in an intellectual tone, symphony terminology, wine discussed as vinters would, and even clothing mentioned in historical terms.  Its not a swamp monster dragon morphing into a t-shirt and going to a bar.  It is historical, high-society dragonry with princes and footmen.  I liked it as an audio book and loved it as a novel.  Mandy Williams did a great job reading aloud to me while I painted, but something was lost along the way in all the interruptions and replaying of chapters when some part got skipped.   This plot is also a bit over-the-edge.  Its not boy meets girl, boy saves girl, but boy meets dragon who he thinks is a girl, boy is a prince, dragon flies over the city - nothing gets burned to the ground that leads to scores of deaths or anything, but it is necessary to stay with the intensity of the plot to keep up with the writing and get the whole point of the story.  If I had only listened to the audio book, I might not have gotten the sublties in the plot that I got from reading the book.

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