Saturday, August 29

Ghost Girl by Tonya Hurly

MG to YA

Audiobook Read by Parker Posie

This is a review of the book and the audio reading.  The first few pages of this audio book, maybe even the first few chapters, the disaffected - almost apathetic - tone Parker Posie takes while reading makes one wonder if her agent set her up to read a kids book, unannounced.  However, as the story unfolds, and near the book's end, its impossible not to be awed by Parker's genius at conveying the teen sense/attitude/approach as one of the cool kids.  Definitely cool.  There is no way not to be drawn in to caring if she likes your hair, even if you don't like her at all.  You almost wear your high tops, or goth t-shirt the next day for Chapters 10 through 12.  Very silly, very fun, this audio reading with Parker makes the book even more of an experience in Ghost Girl high school, dead girl brilliance.

The book is 5 star YA to MG for plot, characterization, hilarity without even cracking a smile at times, wit and even heart-felt charm.  From the dead?  Charm?  Yes, you begin to care that the obsessed girl gets her kiss from her high-school hottie fascination without even feeling stupid about it.  Dead or not, fashion does matter and possessing another 'out' girl with a closet full of goth - not to mention a great guitar - helps her get to the dance with one good eye on her man.  A great read for any kid who is contemplating their first kiss on up to adult.  And, I recommend the audio book version.

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