Thursday, September 10

In The Shadow of Blackbirds, by Cat Winters

Audiobook read by Angela Goethals.

This book is based in Portland, Oregon - where I am blogging this review - and San Diego, California.  It is based on several historical events and weaves a paranormal romance in as the basis of the plot during the depiction of the events.  Sounds boring - but it definitely isn't boring.  There is quite a bit going on in fact that the paranormal plot nearly takes a backseat to the interesting facts that slowly emerge - as ghosts in their own right - throughout the book.  They lurk in the corners and even take the forefront, and I got the impression that Cat Winters was rather 'haunted' by the information she was depicting as the time period and catalyst to the main characters.

 Free Printable: Raven & SkullFirst, without giving any spoilers, the existence of the blackbirds and the shadows they cast on the main characters' lives is quite creepy - and real.  It was a real part of war on European shores and this does not come out all at once, but unravels like a mystery.  The main character's love is sent off to war and suffers the very real shadow of the blackbirds phenomenon.  Also, the outbreak of influenza and how it was dealt with in the history of the Western U.S. presents an obstacle for the characters, both alive and in their para-normal romantic involvement.  The book's main topic is the photographic 'proof' that charlatans of the day would coax loved ones of the dead to a sort-of seance before taking their photographs.  With the help of double exposures and probably light leaks and blooms, the patrons found their deceased in the photos with them.  The main character of the book's photo is not a fake, however, and the mysteries about the death of the man she was to marry is solved through para-normal photography and activity.

I liked this book.  4-stars from me.  Ghost story, para-normal romance, fiction with historical background information, and a strong, female, main character.

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In the Shadow of Blackbirds

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