Thursday, August 27

Heap House is Hilarious!

Edward Carey's trilogy which includes the book Heap House is eclectic, peculiar, and very funny.  If you don't like peculiar, you might not laugh, at first, however his odd humor manages wins over as the history of a mansion at the top of the 'heaps' outside of London unfolds.  This time, with a terrible fate for Wateringcan - the pet gull - and some very grim circumstances for our favorite Iremongers.

This book is suitable for all ages so I am including it in my middle grades to ya reviews.  Not sure if there will be a craft, but for people who love oddities, an annual trip to the city dump, or salvage yard scavenging this dystopian is a worthy read.  I gave it 4-1/2 stars.

Heap House: Book One (The Iremonger Trilogy)

It would be fun to make a gull.  Check back in October, we'll make a seagull or a crow.  Crow's like garbage.  Happy reading!

Two other books from the trilogy:  
Foulsham: Book Two (The Iremonger Trilogy)
Lungdon: Book Three (The Iremonger Trilogy)

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