Halloween or All Hallow's Eve Hat - Craft-A-Review for The Heretic's Daughter

Make Witch Hat, video below, a fun, easy craft (the opposite of Salem!) for Halloween Decoration, or then create the All Hallow's Eve Faery Dress and Wings.  I create these for The Faerie Project - once a month and this All Hallow's Dress, Hat, and Wings is the October project that I think went along with the theme of the book about witch hunts and heresy accusations. ??? Not really.  Very light, fun, tiny bit of magic for holiday decorating, maybe..

Here is what the entire All Hallow's Faery looks like (the rest of her, I don't know, but the broom looked a little used then next morning after the last full moon.  Sure wish the hat had been able to remodel my studio by now!! No such luck.)

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