Build A Bat House - Craft The Vampire DeAngeliuson Trilogy

May you always know a vampire
when you see one in the night!
I don't just love books - especially books for all ages - enough to review and invent crafts about them, I am also an author.  In October, my craft a review comes from my own books in a blog post that is more like craft FOR reviews. I have written a vampire trilogy that is as much fun as Ghost Girl and as goosebumps inciting as my childhood favorite series, Agatha Christie.  And, um, I need reviews.  My craft this month, is a little batty - I build a bat box, cheap and easy from a drawer and cupboard from my favorite salvage yard and a piece of hardware cloth.

In each book in the trilogy - The Vampire DeAngeliuson - I write about bats.  The connection vampires have with bats is centuries old, as bats know more than just a little about flight.

Watch Single Chamber Bat House that I built from salvaged wood products (1 drawer, 1 cupboard door, and an old screen) plus 1 piece of hardware cloth.  Build a bat house along with me, here!

Get the books, or watch the trailer, below!

The Quill Pen Killer (Vampire DeAngeliuson)
The Legend of Stygian Downs (The Vampire DeAngeliuson) (Volume 2)
The Nebulizer Potion and the Electric Compass (The Vampire DeAngeliuson) (Volume 3)

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